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Guitarist Pat Servant's Bluesy AndaLucy tour starting in Vernon and Kamloops Ottawa, september 29th 2014 – The West Canadian tour of guitarist Pat Servant [DL4] will start on upcoming october 14[DL5] th at the Vernon & District Performance Arts Centre in Vernon, British-Columbia. The guitar virtuoso will be accompanied by percussionnsit phenomenon François Taillefer from France, the mysterious self made ''stickharp'' instrument player Naki and Symphony conductor and saxophonist Yves Lacoursière. With this heteroclyte formula – the stickharp, sax, percussions and guitar jockey (live looping with pedals and effetcs) –, Pat Servant [DL6] will offer music from his previous flamenco inspired album Bluesy Andalucy and known repertoire, without any style barrier, including latin rock, world music, traditionnal québécois, flamenco influences and jazz. From Vernon, they will also perform in Kamloops, Grand Forks, Trail, Nakusp, Golden, and move to Alberta performing in Camrose and Fort Saskatechwan. This tour is made possible with support from the Canada Council for the Arts. Pat Servant [DL7] has been performing from solo to symphony on stage with his guitar for 30 years[DL8] . After opening for Wynton Marsalis at the International Jazz Festival of Ottawa, former musical director Jacques Émond described Servantes's music as « something that is unique on canada's jazz scene». The Quebec Arts Council for the Arts awarded Pat Servant [DL9] in 2013 ''Œuvre de l'année en région'' for his Bluesy Andalucy Sinfònico composition and performance. Within Pat Servant[DL10] 's upcoming projects taking place after this first Western Canada tour (made possible with the help of the Canada Arts Coucnil[DL11] ) let's mention Strum, covering the whole history of the guitar with 55 guitars and 24 artists on stage. – 30 – Source : Agence Danielle Lefebvre[DL12] Interviews : Patrice Servant 819 282-8818

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